New Hope Learning Center, The Colony Texas

Does every child nap?

Yes, everyone naps except our part-time preschoolers during the school year. These are our 3-5 year olds.

Does New Hope provide diapers and wipes?

New Hope does not provide diapers but we do provide wipes.

Does New Hope take Childcare Subsidy (CCS)?

Yes, we do. Our program provides reduced tuition for those families that are on the waitlist for CCS. When you are approved for CCS you are only responsible for your copay.

What does it mean to be on the waitlist for Childcare Subsidy (CCS)?

It means that you have applied for childcare subsidy through Texas Workforce Commission. If you are approved for their waitlist, then we provide a reduced tuition until you start receiving childcare benefits. Check the website www.dfwjobs.com and look under the "childcare" tab for more information.

Where do I look to see if I qualify for CCS?

Go to www.dfwjobs.com and look under the childcare tab.

When is tuition due?

Weekly tuition is due on Monday of each week.

Monthly tuition is due on the first of every month.

Do you provide drop-in care for children?

No, New Hope does not provide drop-in care.

Can I bring my child their own lunch?

No you cannot. We are subsidized by the Federal Food Program and provide meals based on their program. If you have dietary or allergy restrictions, we can substitute with a doctor’s note.

What if we have food restrictions due to religious beliefs?

We will honor that and substitute what we can for your child to eat.