Prevent Choking

New Hope Learning Center, The Colony Texas

Safe Feeding Practices to Prevent Choking

From the Institute of Child Nutrition

Choking while eating can happen quickly and be very scary. Children 0-4years old are at the greatest risk of choking because they may not chew food properly. Want to make eating safer for young children in your care? Our partners at the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) have some great resources on how to decrease choking risks.    

Three Key Methods to Prevent Choking

Foods That May Cause Choking and How to Modify Them

Mealtime Behaviors to Encourage

Children and adults should be attentive and focused during mealtimes to lower the risk of choking. Talk with children about prover mealtime behaviors before they sit down for a meal. Some tips include:  

Source: National CACFP Sponsor Association (NCA)